Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fire Gear - The biggest item in my collection

Hi Everyone:
My appologies for taking so long between postings but life intrudes as usual. I seem to be run off my feet lately with work that has to be done so, by the time I get to the computer, I dont really feel like doing more work.

Since I've pretty much exhausted the diving stuff I have and have encountered I'm going to turn my gear attention here toward the items in my Fire Collection next.

As alot of you know, I am a member of the Fire Collections group at the Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village Museum ( here in Moose Jaw. Eight years ago a group of us (all collectors of various firefighting equipment) got together and decided to buy a 1937 International fire truck and build a firehall at the museum (which is set up like a small town). While the truck still needs alot of restoration work the firehall has been built and, although it still needs some work and paint, its open to the public.

Of course, when you collect gear and belong to a group like that, you need an appropriate way to display parts of your collection. So what would be more appropriate than a 1981 Rescue truck? I
bought this truck last year and have been having a great time digging up stuff to outfit it every since.
The truck Chassis is a Ford one ton with the rest being made by Horton. Originally an ambulance, it was converted to fire use in the late 1980's and remained in service till 2007.

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