Sunday, January 11, 2009

Heavy Weight Latex Sleepsack

Now we come to my favorite toy / piece of gear. I bought this heavy weight, latex sleepsack last summer (2007) when I was going through Atlanta. I saw it in the store (Atlanta Leather Co) and just had to try it. It fit me like a second skin and I fell in love with it on the spot. Naturally I had to have it.

I was told that the sleepsack itself is made in Germany but I never did get a straight answer as to the actual manufacturer. All seams are finished very well and, combined with the heavy weight of the latex, it makes for a very high quality piece. Internal sleves hold the arms tightly to your sides while a collar holds the sleepsack snugly around your neck. Three sliders on the
zipper allow access wherever needed yet they can be locked together (and to the collar) by employing small padlocks. Making escape impossible. (Although squirming around is very possible unless tied down - I have become very good at this ;) )

My only regret in this piece is that it doesnt have a built in hood / mask

Thus far the longest period I have enjoyed in it
has been 8 hours. Unfortunately I rarely have anyone here to allow me the pleasure of spending time in it. I have also been able to introduce a number of people to its pleasures and all have loved it as much as I have.

All in all it has been one of the best purchases I've made and I'm very happy with it.