Friday, June 19, 2009

Scott SCBA

Well - its summer and, like everyone else, I seem to be finding very little time to post anything here due to all the other stuff that has to be done.

As I've started on fire gear I think I'll begin this cycle with the SCBA's that are in my collection and some that I would like to add to my collection.
As Scott Aviation pioneered the use of many of the innovations used in modern day breathing it is only appropriate that the first stop on this trip be the Scott SCBA's (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus).

I have four different Scott SCBA's in my collection. The first is called a SKA PAK and was made in 1957. It was designed for emergency use (SKA = Escape) and its small 2015 psi bottle made it ideal for situations in which quick donning and short term use were necessary as the entire apparatus was comparatively small and light.

While the next three SCBA's are all Scott Air Pak II's the designs of each of them (most notably in the masks) are slightly different. All used a similar 2015 PSI air tank.

The first version from 1972 has a full face mask with a wide window and the hose connection onto the regulator, which was worn at the waist, had the externally threaded (male) connector on the reg and the internally threaded (female) connector on the hose.

The second version in my collection from 1974, while similar, had the female connector moved to the regulator and the male connector on the hose. At the same time the mask had had the addition of metal connections reinforcing the area where the hose connected and the exhaust was located.

The final version from my collection from 1979 featured a new style, two window mask which they dubbed the "Full Vision" mask. Strange as this bug eye mask looks it is very comfortable to wear and does give excellent vision.

The one style I havnt yet added to my collection is the present Scott Presur Pak (They always seem to be out of range of my budget). Their full mask affords excellent vision and is very comfortable to wear. At the same time the mask mounted regulator system frees you from the problems associated with accidentally laying on the flexible air hose when having to crawl through confined spaces. (This image was taken from the net incidentally)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fire Gear - The biggest item in my collection

Hi Everyone:
My appologies for taking so long between postings but life intrudes as usual. I seem to be run off my feet lately with work that has to be done so, by the time I get to the computer, I dont really feel like doing more work.

Since I've pretty much exhausted the diving stuff I have and have encountered I'm going to turn my gear attention here toward the items in my Fire Collection next.

As alot of you know, I am a member of the Fire Collections group at the Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village Museum ( here in Moose Jaw. Eight years ago a group of us (all collectors of various firefighting equipment) got together and decided to buy a 1937 International fire truck and build a firehall at the museum (which is set up like a small town). While the truck still needs alot of restoration work the firehall has been built and, although it still needs some work and paint, its open to the public.

Of course, when you collect gear and belong to a group like that, you need an appropriate way to display parts of your collection. So what would be more appropriate than a 1981 Rescue truck? I
bought this truck last year and have been having a great time digging up stuff to outfit it every since.
The truck Chassis is a Ford one ton with the rest being made by Horton. Originally an ambulance, it was converted to fire use in the late 1980's and remained in service till 2007.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Superlite 17 and 27

While in Victoria last month I got a chance to stop at Aqualung Canada and take a look at some of the new gear. The items that grabbed my attention most were, of course, the Superlite helmets. This picture shows the brand new Superlite 17 (left) and 27 (right). The all brass trim on the 17 was really sharp but I think the 27 would have to be my preference as it is a smaller helmet (I like a close fit) and I prefer the locking system it employs for the neck dam.

More on my holiday to come.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Next Postings

My appologies to everyone that has been keeping up with my blog (I really do appreciate it) but I wont be doing anymore postings till sometime during the week of April 20th as I'm heading for Calgary next week then on to Victoria and Vancouver (for Rubbout). I hope to come back with some interesting gear photos to add here as I have made arrangements for a tour of a diving school in Victoria while I'm there and have several other stops planned as well.


PS - Before anyone asks - no I dont have a laptop - I spend too much on gear to be able to afford one :)

US Divers Full Face Mask

The last of the diving masks from my collection this U S Divers full face mask was made to accomodate both single and two hose regulators. I believe it dates back to the early 1960's but I'm not certain. Can anyone help with a date for it?

Technisub Tec 1 Full Face Mask

The Technisub Tec 1 Full Face Mask is a descent full face mask at a reasonable cost. It can be attached to any regulator and (unlike the Cressisub) also has a port for attaching communications. While quite comfortable the one drawback I have found is that mask squeeze can result as the oral nasal mask isolates your breathing from the actual mask.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Interspiro AGA Diving Masks

Two different versions of the Interspiro - AGA diving mask from my collection. The earlier version has a high volume face piece while the later one has a much lower volume. Both have rubber skirts in Grey although even newer versions have a silicone skirt in either yellow or black.

The regulator creates a positive pressure within the mask which, not only makes breathing easier, but also reduces the risk of water leakage (Important when in contaminated waters).

Communications can easily be added to the mask simply by changing the plate on the front of the mask.

All in all the AGA masks are very comfortable and one of the most easily serviced mask / reg combinations that I have ever come across.